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About Us
We are an Australian & Polish couple, working remotely for digital agencies, spending our days travelling the globe for sport, adventure, thrills and entertainment. Sean is a professional windsurfer competing on the Windsurfing Pro Tour; Agata is a former cabin-crew for one of the world’s biggest airlines and is now finishing her Master’s Degree in Business Psychology and Digital Marketing. Together we’ve been travelling the globe, working on the road for some cutting edge design agencies in Poland and Australia, shooting windsurfing & travel videos in our spare time and trying to learn some languages in the process. On 52inKicks we’ve been documenting our travels and adventures and show you how we stay connected (and paid) whilst on the road.
Why 52 in Kicks?

There are 52 (.14) weeks in the year that we like wearing and collecting sneakers (kicks); oh and travelling. We started this site whilst living in Agata’s hometown of Warszawa, Poland, which happens to be on 52 degrees latitude. So the 52 stuck and of course we needed to include our kicks-love. Here’s a few favourites from our current collection: