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ConvergeSE has been built to support our vision of a united and thriving creative community in the web design industry. Over the years, this small but mighty conference has grown to become one of the best events in the country.
Do you remember the last time you were in an audience and the speaker on stage told you a story that inspired you to change your life, to grow as a professional or to explore unknown territory? We want to create that experience for every attendee at ConvergeSE. Our keynote speakers are leaders and adventurers and storytellers who want you to experience more and do better.
One of the best things about working in our industry is that it’s full of very smart people, but some subjects take longer to learn no matter how smart the student. Workshops are long form educational opportunities about technical subjects taught by the best educators our industry has to offer.
All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy. Sometimes our work is demanding and we just need to get away and experience something new and exciting. This year, we are partnering with Indie Grits, a cultural festival about film, food, performance and art so that you can unwind in the evenings and share experiences.
The trick to getting anything done in life is knowing the right people and there’s no better way to get to know new people than to share experiences. This year we are hosting a series of parties for attendees to mingle with speakers and to get to know each other. In addition to all of the ConvergeSE social events, CodePen is throwing a party and Indie Grits will have a series of events as well. It’s going to be a blast!
One thing that Southerners know better than anyone is that the path to happiness is through the stomach. We love pulled pork, Beaufort stew, and fine Bourbon. We want to share all of these wonderful things with everyone who comes to ConvergeSE.