Erik Johansson

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Erik Johansson is a photographer and retoucher from Sweden based in Berlin, Germany. Working both on personal and commissioned projects. He doesn’t capture moments, he captures ideas. To Erik photography is just a way to collect material to realize the ideas in his mind with a problem solving approach. Although one photo can consist of hundreds of different images he always wants it to look like it could have been captured. Every new project is a new challenge and the goal is to realize it as realistically as possible. There is no CGI or stock photos in Erik’s work, just complex combinations of his own photographs. For more information about Erik check out the FAQ page. To get updates about Erik’s work follow him on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (links below).
Erik is as much a photographer as a retoucher which enables him to create almost anything that you can imagine. Having an understanding of each step of the process gives total control of the whole work process from sketch to final image to ensure a high quality realistic result. Creating an image requires a lot work and preparation to get a realistic result, to get more of an insight in Erik’s working process you you can have a look at these: behind the scenes videos. Erik is available for worldwide commissioned projects. If you have a project don’t hesitate to contact us.