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Why buy furniture from Everything Furniture?

Customer service is #1 to us. That is why we are top rated from Yahoo’s stringent rating standards. Most of our competitors are either not rated by Yahoo, or do not have a top service award like our company has worked hard for. Some of our competitors have bad business ratings too, or no phone number to call. Order from us and see the top service we provide. Soon you will know why our customers become customers for life.

We have always had an excellent Business rating. Be sure to check the local Business rating (of the company you are considering ordering from) before you purchase furniture. Please call us if you have any questions or need help with this.

Don’t be sorry! Furniture is a major purchase. Sure some of our competition may have an item for $10 cheaper, but many are fly-by-night operations or one man shows that will not be able to, or willing to service you like you deserve.
We require our vendors to stock all items. We will not use vendors that do not have most items in stock at all times. Our customers have come to expect fast deliveries and that is just what we do. Sure there are times that something will go on back order, but it is very rare. 95% of our furniture ships in 3-4 days, and is delivered in 1-3 weeks. Why wait 4-6 weeks?