Greenbelt Festival

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Since 1974, Greenbelt has brought people together to explore faith, arts and justice issues.
As a registered charity, we continue to explore, to ask questions and suggest answers, to find moments of joy in art and music, and moments of celebration in our daily lives.
Greenbelt is a collision of the arts, faith and justice. Engaged with culture, inspired by the arts, sustained by faith, we aspire to be an open generous community reimagining the Christian narrative for the present moment.
In our strategy for 2011 to 2013, our goals are to:
Present and create a variety of art forms – mainstream and challenging, established and unknown, large-scale and intimate
At the festival and throughout the year, explore the breadth of Christian faith, be a catalyst for activism and encourage dialogue and understanding between people of faith and no faith
Safeguard the future of the festival through financial security and by resourcing and supporting those who make it happen
Be generous with our knowledge and resources
Develop partnerships that reflect our mission and values and engage new and existing audiences.
Our mission is to create spaces, like festivals, where art, faith and justice collide.
This mission is primarily lived out annually, over the August Bank Holiday weekend when we host a rich programme of music, visual and performing arts, spirituality, comedy, and talks and discussion. The diversity of content not only demonstrates our commitment to the arts, faith and justice, but also our underlying values of tolerance, dialogue and hope.
Our history is firmly rooted within a Christian tradition which is world-affirming, politically and culturally engaged. Ours is a belief that embraces instead of excludes. And, as such, the festival is family-friendly celebration, inclusive and accepting of all, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, background or belief.
We do all we can to keep the festival as accessible as we can, offering a range of discounted, family and local ticket deals as well as giving away 1% of tickets each year (through our Open Festival scheme) to people who otherwise would not be able to afford to go to Greenbelt – or any other festival. And we try to make a difference beyond the festival, through our campaigning activity and through Trust Greenbelt, which gives grants to quirky, entrepreneurial, risky community projects combining arts, faith and justice.
Our focus will always be running a festival over August Bank Holiday weekend. But, increasingly, we are looking to host and collaborate on events around the country year-round, reflecting the openness, bravery and creativity of the festival’s community and its spirit.