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In 1923, Monroe, Ellard and Leonard Pfaelzer started their business on the cobbled streets of Chicago, selling the highest quality hand-selected cuts of meat. They quickly earned the reputation for providing the finest steaks in the meatpacking capital of the world. It wasn’t long before their name spread, and people began giving Pfaelzer Brothers steaks to mark the milestones of family, friendship and business.

The Brothers’ passion, pride and reverence for great gourmet food lives on today in our expertly selected and master-trimmed, aged steaks. We hope you’ll enjoy sharing the hallmark tastes of Pfaelzer Brothers with those you value most.

Our experts choose from the very best of America’s finest and freshest corn and grain-fed beef to ensure the buttery smooth flavor and unrivaled quality of every Pfaelzer Brothers steak. The time and care put into this process is evident from the first mouth-watering bite to the last.

Using exact temperatures and the precise climate, all of our steaks are naturally aged for up to twenty-one days to maximize the buttery smooth flavor in every cut. We only select and age a limited number of steaks each year in order to maintain our high standards.

A true work of art requires the skilled eye and steady hand of a masterful artist. That’s why each Pfaelzer cut is expertly hand-trimmed by our Master Butchers, using the same techniques first made famous in Chicago’s stockyards.

The hand-selection, the expert hand trimming, the natural aging, all of these elements are combined to bring you the unsurpassed flavor and quality of a Pfaelzer Brothers steak. It’s no wonder our signature flavors have delighted even the hardest-to-please steak connoisseurs for nearly ninety years.

The Pfaelzer name is recognized for our always-superb filet mignon. Hand-cut from the finest tenderloin, and naturally aged for ultimate flavor and tenderness, our filet mignon isn’t just the ultimate steak; it’s the ultimate gift. Whether family, friends or business partners, they’ll know they’re at the top of your list when they receive one of the most tender and flavorful steaks in the world.

With a robust flavor as bold as the city it’s named for, this cut is a perennial favorite in America’s finest steak houses. Whether grilled, broiled, sauteèd or pan-fried, our New York Strip is thick, juicy and bursting with flavor. There simply is no better gift to commemorate and strengthen the bonds of family, friendship and business.

Steak lovers cherish the Porterhouse, because it’s actually two steaks in one – a crosscut portion of a New York Strip on one side, and on the other, a tantalizing Famous Filet™. Our reverence for unsurpassed gourmet food is evident from the first bite. Its generously cut inch-thick proportions are guaranteed to satisfy even the healthiest of appetites.

The most flavorful portion of a prime rib roast, our Boneless Ribeye is a well-marbled, juicy cut. Perfect for slow roasting or grilling, this savory boneless steak is sure to please even the most particular steak connoisseur. One bite and you’ll agree − our reputation as America’s fine steak experts is well deserved.

* Available in our Quartet and Complete Assortments.