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Toky uses industry-standard encryption technology to make sure your communication is secure. Apart from this, we never ask for your personal phone number and we don’t require you to release any private information to us.

Toky is perfect for your business Coming Soon

Forget about the high costs of toll-free numbers (800 numbers)

Unlimited inbound minutes

Never worry about reaching your inbound quota limit again


You can make Toky work as a call center with several people taking incoming calls, or you can use it as a regular telephone line

No infrastructure investment required

Toky works in the cloud. Expenses on acquiring new servers or phones are not necessary

Simultaneous Calls

The number of simultaneous calls you need is totally configurable. You can increase or decrease this number according to what is more beneficial for your business

100% Web

With an Internet connection and a laptop, smartphone or tablet, you are on business

Secure and trustworthy

Every connection is encrypted from point A to point B