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Trainer Rx is a HIPAA compliant web app that provides solutions for healthcare providers who treat musculoskeletal injury. Our rehabilitation and recovery pathways provide your patients with step-by-step guidance on the road from injury to recovery. Trainer Rx saves time, keeps patients motivated and increases the potential for optimal long-term recovery.
Designed by orthopedic specialists, Trainer Rx helps healthcare providers maintain strong patient relationships throughout the lifecycle of an injury. Medical professionals can use Trainer Rx tools and protocols to achieve better patient experiences, greater satisfaction and improved outcomes

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Prepopulated protocols called “pathways” – which are compiled using peer reviewed and published protocols – lead patients through the nuances of their specific injuries. Each pathway ties directly to a diagnosis, ensuring accurate, injury-appropriate information.
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Sessions include clear audio, video, and text based instructions, which lead patients through rehabilitation pathways derived from a patent pending computer driven response system. A dashboard display is provided for both healthcare providers and patients, to easily see progress, achievements, goals and rewards.