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Our Love Story…
It all started in 2009, I was studying Computer Engineering and she was in Business Admin at Lagos City Polytechnic. I got close to her based on the friendship my cousin had with her friend.

We were always hanging out together (Me, her, My Cousin and her friend). So i decided to move the relationship a step further,I asked her out but she bounced me off, saying i was trying take advantage of the closeness between her friend and my cousin.

I tried all I could but she was adamant, I was already in love, madly in love with her but she felt I was unserious. We were still close because I became the VP of the school fellowship and she was in the choir and also an exco in the same fellowship.

But with all my status she didn’t flinch, she stuck to her guts. I tried all i could before we finished our ND but still to no avail. I felt bad, let it go like it never happened. This was the lady I would skip classes for, I was ready to let it all die down, afterall she isn’t the only lady in world.

In 2011, we were done with school everyone on separate paths. I began the process of unloving her. It seemed to be working because distance will always play its role in a relationship no matter how hard you try.

But as fate will have it, I got involved with God’s business and our church moved its facility to Ojota not knowing it was close to her vicinity. She was acquainted with our services when it was a fellowship in school. So we began to say “Hi” again. By and by i felt it come over me again. Could this be love? Although she had transformed from what she looked like to an angel sent from above but i wasn’t moved any more like before. Time and closeness bridged the gap and I got home on a sunday evening after church I decided it was time. I popped the question. It was a straight YES!!!!!